Birds In My Tree

Went to Yesterday and Today's Records once again today and this time it was OPEN! I was in there for what seemed like three hours but I'm telling you... time flies amongst such preciousness. The owner introduced me to some music I'd never heard of and informed me of some great albums by artists I *already* love dearly. He was so cool! I bought three new albums! 1. John Lennon 2. Joni Mitchell and 3. Strawberry Alarm Clock. Loving Lennon right now......
After the record store I cruised it on down to World Wide Foto to see if my dads old Minolta needed any tweaks since I'm taking a photography class this semester. Everything with the camera seemed to be fine except for the exposure monitor, which was clearly broken. So with that, the guy gave me some advice and wrote it all down for me on a piece of paper on how to gage how much exposure to use at the specific times of day in association to the lighting. So I was all happy-go-lucky about this until my dad got home, taught me how to put the film in the camera, and the SHUTTER STOPPED WORKING. Yes, that's right. It's now broken. The hell is that? I couldn't believe it. So now I'm shopping around on craigslist/ebay/amazon for some sweet deals but I'm still devastated :(

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