Day Plans

So I did a mega *spring cleaning* in my room last night, YES I know normal people usually do these things during the day, but I'm obviously a weirdo. I ended up filling three trash bags worth of bunk! My closets look pretty impeccable. As for today, I plan on getting rid of my stupid (probably five year old) hamper and replacing it with a new one. Then I want to hang out by the pool and relax, go to the gym later, and relax some more. Sundays..........x

Navajo Baby

I'm really loving the Indian/Vagabond yet modern feel to this. Not to mention the dip dyed hair is just... awesome.

Bec & Bridge

Via Tobacco and Leather


An Indian Summer

This looks like a dream. I can imagine myself waking up in this room, stepping out and walking to the vast beaches of India to bask in the sun all morning.

Anyways, enough of my dreaming. Things have been going decent. Been going to school and getting my work done, and going to the gym everyday with my mum. I'm really into it now, so much so that if I find myself not going for one day, I get that bitter guilt trip for not having gone. Yeah, so basically, I am totally fucked now because I am very much into the cycle already. Feels great though. Other than that, I am just waiting for the weather to pick itself up again since the next two days promise ugly showers and lightning storms. All I want to do is roll around in the sand and wet my hair into the sea. I love summer.

The Ride

Life is like a ride from Dimitris Ladopoulos on Vimeo.


Hint of Lapina

Purple Lips strike again as Ginta Lapina dons some of the new Versace spring/summer 2011 lookbook:

Now I just really need it in my life! You can see the rest here.

Foggy Browsing

I can't see shit past my window! It looks pretty incredible. Anyway, just doing a breezing through a couple of things on topshop. I found me some wonderfulllll pieces that I wantwantwant.

Ugh, I die.


Isn't it sad?

I feel like everything is designed to kill us. The food we eat, the beauty products we use, the water we drink. What is purity? Did we ever even have it? I bet the Indians did. They knew how to live. Hunting for their food, buildings huts and fires in the evening, and making love in teepees all night. And now the American culture has taken the lead. We walk into fine restaurants and ask for our water to tingle between our teeth, we ask for the finest of things, the kinds that slowly deteriorate what we're supposed to be.


Just browsing through ↣Pixie Market↢ is enough to have me blissfuly tortured by lovely silhouettes, knick knacks and heels. The new tribal dresses, geometric patterned scarves and an overload of spring hats and maxis has probably made a many number of splurge urges...well, splurge.

My Generation


Shine on, you crazy white cap

I love white walls. Small photographs. The look and feel of empty space, when in reality it's quite filled up. Stacked magazines. All white and unfolding. Wooden ceilings, record players and animal skulls. Cleanliness. Old cameras. The sound of a flicker, a shutter, a speed. The dimness of the night. Old feelings and hot tea. New feelings, the wind through the trees. All these things, all these things. They make me so happy.


Yet another Vogue spread for Beha!

By Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue February 2011
via Tobacco and Leather


Birds In My Tree

Went to Yesterday and Today's Records once again today and this time it was OPEN! I was in there for what seemed like three hours but I'm telling you... time flies amongst such preciousness. The owner introduced me to some music I'd never heard of and informed me of some great albums by artists I *already* love dearly. He was so cool! I bought three new albums! 1. John Lennon 2. Joni Mitchell and 3. Strawberry Alarm Clock. Loving Lennon right now......
After the record store I cruised it on down to World Wide Foto to see if my dads old Minolta needed any tweaks since I'm taking a photography class this semester. Everything with the camera seemed to be fine except for the exposure monitor, which was clearly broken. So with that, the guy gave me some advice and wrote it all down for me on a piece of paper on how to gage how much exposure to use at the specific times of day in association to the lighting. So I was all happy-go-lucky about this until my dad got home, taught me how to put the film in the camera, and the SHUTTER STOPPED WORKING. Yes, that's right. It's now broken. The hell is that? I couldn't believe it. So now I'm shopping around on craigslist/ebay/amazon for some sweet deals but I'm still devastated :(


Haute Tension

Okay SO, this editorial just shat on my face with its mixing and matching goodness. Circa 2003, Natalia Vodianova grazes a spread for Vogue consisting of rainbow stripes, ugly shoes, indigo denim and blue dipped dyed hair.

As if the description couldn't have made you turn away more in search of something a little more ~significant~ in today's realm of *fashion*, you and I are probably both thinking the same thing: "Why is this so good?" You can check out the full editorial here!


Spanning Time

I hear beautiful music, but I don't know where it's coming from. It sounds like an echoing xylophone, and I think I could easily hear it forever and be fine.

Up, Up and Away

I'm half asleep and wide awake at the same time. I have a photo on my desktop that I've been wanting to post since yesterday morning; thought, "what more than a perfect time to post this thing so I can finally delete it?". I've been so anal about keeping my computer empty. I'm liking it though, so here it is:

I lied, there were two. *delete*


False Alarm

I start classes on Wednesday, not today, Wednesday. So my being up right now is completely pointless and, yes, once again, saddening! Anyways, after a back and forth debate in my head I've decided to go brunette again. BUT this time around I want to do it the *right* way, meaning deep conditioning all week; hair masks and the whole nine to really prep my thirsty tresses. Then, I'm going to go into my hair guru, the professional herself, and have her do it for me. We'll probably start it off with a temporary wash, see how I feel about it, even though I'm sure I'll love it regardless. I really miss the accompanying feeling of having dark locks. I had a feeling of more respect, mystery, and "it's ok for you to be so serious" thing going on. The worst part of all this prepping is the waiting. When it comes to doing something to my hair, which is more than likely an always drastic transition for me, I HATE waiting. I like instant gratification... and knowing that I have the box dye beneath my sink is nottttt okay. *patience is a virtue* Let's see if I can control myself. xx


Let Down

It's so saddening that my break has officially come to and end. I start spring semester TOMORROW and I don't think it could have come any sooner. Most everyone else's breaks are extended for another two weeks! Anyways, to get the obvious off my mind, I've decked my walls a bit with some beautiful editorials from Oyster and Noise, two European based magazines I used to collect years ago. I found some pretty sweet stuff in there that I'd forgotten about which pleasantly surprised me for the who-knows-what-number of a time. At first I was pretty hesistant to even rip them out of the binding of their holy-esque pages BUT I did it :) And I haven't regretted it since! I'll put some pictures up here soon once it's at my standard of completion. I leave you with a feather xx