Just yesterday I made a new fragrance purchase (something I do very seldom). I'm extremely picky when it comes to fragrances, as anyone should be. I like my scents to be subtle and fresh- never too strong, lingery and/or musky. So after a countless number of looking and sniffing, I came across Marc Jacobs "Cocktail Splash" -Cranberry- fragrance. It is said to be blended with notes of "cranberry and mandarin orange with honeysuckle, red currant, ice cold musk and exotic woods". It is so light and perfect for summer! So fresh and misty, just the way I like it. It does have a woodsy side, but it is so subtle that even those reluctant to musk will find it bearable. x

Any Colour You Like

Filippa K

Fall/Winter 2011 from Filippa K on Vimeo.


Wild Is The Wind

Erin Wasson by Fred Meylan for Elle France June 2011

Rose Gold

The ASOS Armour Cuff came in.
I love it but my only complaints are the unappealing air bubbles on one of its sides.
I didn't want to return it because, well, I'd kind of be a little heart broken by its departure.
Sure, I could have gotten a new one without the air bubbles but... I guess I didn't want to wait all over again.
Anyways, I could always get it peeled and dipped! x



Movement from The Twilight Reeling on Vimeo.

Dress: Topshop Music: Sentimental-MillionYoung


These Acne Boots...

To Binge

Sometimes I forget to post editorials I like

This is one of them

Gigi & Irena by Lara Jade for Material Girl Magazine


From Hardware to Jewelry

Simply cruised down the plumbing section and found a bunch of things to play with that are now quickly becoming some of my favourite pieces! Simple, cheap and chic.
I also took the strap off of my Gretta Platforms to find that without them.. I like them even more than before:


From leggings to shorts

Cut leggings into shorts this morning..
Found the remaining threads make for some witchy sleeves. x

Morning Song

Tower of Trellick-Kleerup