Painting Space

In other worldly news... I stumbled upon this amazing artist who goes by the name of Brandon McConnell who spray paints images of what looks like *far away worlds* that we could imagine existing in our infinite space. I so badly want to buy one of these pieces to adorn a wall in my room with. I gotta say it though, the prices are very reasonable ☺
You can check out his website here.

Ringing in the New Year

With a new Macbook AIR. Feels so good to use an enter key again! And impossibly refreshing... it surprises me every time. I want to make a quick post about the good times and the bad times that 2010 gave to me. SO much has happened, but I can probably say the same thing about each and every year that keeps passing me by, each seemingly faster than the last. I just want to give thanks to the people that I love (even though they will probably never read this except for one special person), for being there for me when I've needed them, and for forgiving me for my many faults. THANK YOU. I love you guys so much and I'm excited about this new year that's shedding its light upon us so SOON.
Damn these speakers are fresh...

Say hello to the impossibly light, thin as air macbook. So happy I can start the new year on a seriously fresh note. I've decided to download music freshly and everything.
Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2011!



I am…. Ready to go!
I’m always attracted to….Humor <:)
Beside my bed….is an oversized fan.
I will never…. dye my hair blue again.
Remember the time…. a huge crab crawled on my arm?
I quite like…. drinking tea and sleeping in.
When I grow up…. I want to be as happy as I can.
I just think…. the world is fucked.
Everytime I drink…. I get clumsy.
I’ve got a lot of…. time on my hands.
It is sexually appealing for the opposite/same sex to…. be up front and funny.
I live…. in the sky.
For dinner…. I am having fish and vegetables.
I can…. put my legs behind my neck.
I can’t seem to…. get out of bed!
I’m fond of…. my new record player.
I fear…. spiders and aliens.
I’m excited for…. my photography class next semester.
I want to meet…. inspiring people, places, and things.
I’m disappointed in…. the lack of inspiring people, places, and things!
You used to tell me….anything.
Work is…. something I need to find.
I always….move my hands when I talk about something I'm really into.
Currently drinking…. water and chewing ice.
I get nervous…. speaking out in class.
I’m currently reading…. A Clockwork Orange.
My last kiss was…. perfect.
The last song that played….Bon Iver-Skinny Love
Studying…. sucks.
I wish you would….take away the terrors of this world.
I want to be….a decent writer.
Religion is…. subjective.
I want…. love, happiness, freedom, unicorns and seahorses.
Scars….yeah, I got some.
I hate….few things.
I can’t stand….both annoying and boisterous individuals.
Piercings…. are sweet in the right places.
My head…. is resting on a wall.
In my spare time….I lay in bed.
Tattoos….are probably not for me.
My Mum is…..a little crazy.
I’d like to be….great and a straight A student.
When I was young….I lived in a dreamworld.
Money is….a piece of paper that controls our lives.
My friends…. are special people to me.
I look like….my usual self.
My favourite shoes….currently gotta be my cole haans and boot/clogs from topshop.
My workplace…. is non-existent.
Right now…. I'm in my pajamas.
I find it hard not to be…. lazy.
My star sign is…. Taurus.
Life is….silly.
I love waking up to….text messages.
My Dad is….a lawyer.
I’m angered by…. the wrong ideas.
Eating…. Nothing.
Regret…. Nothing.
My parents….are funny.
The last band that Played….to me live was Metric.
Tomorrow I’m…. having new years eve with the fam.
My favourite time of day…. is when I wake up.
Sometimes….I want to move away.
The colour…. of my aura is green.
I can’t believe I…. have such shitty allergies.
The first to repost this…. is the coolest.


So I've always been into the idea of barred soaps, which is convenient for me now due to the fact that I've received two Lush cosmetic soaps as a gift! The first one (called Vanilla in the mist) obviously smells of vanilla but has mixed hints of coffee and even chocolate. The second one is called "Porridge"; it smells of honey and cereal which is almost like breakfast for your skin. I read up on these soaps out of curiosity before fully committing to trying them out and it turns out they've gotten many praises for good exfoliation and hydration! I'm probably going to step into the shower in twenty to thirty minutes for the second time today to try these bad boys out.



The Best

So last night was supposed to be pizza night with the fam. I was *patiently* waiting inside my room up until my mum walks in decked out and ready to go to dinner with my dad. THEY FLAKED. So my natural reaction was one of disappointment which was quickly ceased by asking my brother out to get some damn pizza. He said yes! So we took the trek all the way to Miami's Best and got a large cheese and tore that shit up. Dee-lish. What's in store for today? Going back to urban to buy In Rainbows with some Christmas money, probably walk around and get a coffee, and then take the lonesome drive back to my abode and listen to it all day. Hooray! No but really, is it normal for one to be so damn excited about this?

Purple Lipstick

Donna Loos by Mara Zampariolo in Take a Walk on the Wild Side



Got my One Teaspoon shorts in the mail today. I never want to order something from Australia again because of how torturous the wait was... the same goes for the UK. But the clothes is so much BETTER... so I know it'll never happen cos it's just oh so good. Whatever, what can you do? Here they are!

Not enough sleep

Because I had too much coffee. It's going to get into the thirties tonight? Burrr


So this is Christmas

Merry Christmas to all.....I'm getting my first record player tomorrow :') This makes me too happy because I've been wanting one for about two or even three years now! Maybe even longer...who knows, point is TOMORROW IS THE GODDAMN DAY. I already bought four records and cannot wait to listen to them 1. Bob Dylan's Hard Rain 2. Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers 3. Lou Reed's New Sensations and 4. The Velvet Underground & Nico. I hope to soon add Radiohead, David Bowie and Pink Floyd to the collection and then slowly work my way up to the more modern day bands I care for. Mmm, yes. Anyway, as you can see I am making a somewhat *firm* decision to start blogging again. Let's see what happens :)