C'N'C Costume National Fall 2011

Love the contrast of the bright yellows and oranges paired with browns, blacks, and charcoals. x

Gianfranco Ferré Fall 2011

A bit of a long post because I loved this collection so much. Gianfranco did very simple yet so chic and glamorous; so womanly. I love the glittery gold dresses, the sheer whites, the stark black leather, It all looks amazing! Definitely became one of my favourite collections of FW! xx

A Face For the Angels

Playing Fashion Magazine, March 2011 (1 of 4) Covers


Dream Team

I have this dream of Victoria Legrand of Beach House teaming up with Emily Haines of Metric for an album. If these two collaborated on something eery yet provocative (like Emily's old stuff e.g. Raw Sugar) I think my ears would be complete! No, but really. Victoria Legrand's hauntingly stunning vocals in harmony with Emily's soft yet piercing (in a good way, of course) song would be the epitome of beauty.

Mother Earth make this happen!