Even More Favourites

Dolce & Gabbana

Though I wouldn't ever wear these things, the entire time I skimmed through it I couldn't help but think that these are clothes fit for a peasant and a queen.

Moon Young

I found this to be very unkept in an endearing way.

Emilio Pucci

Clothes I want for Friday night.

Jil Sander

Very ballerina-esque with gorgeous silhouettes.


To bag this entire collection would be heavenly...


Recent Purchase + Song of the Day

Rag & Bone jeans... perfect fit, super soft and really comfortable.

4 Minute Warning - Radiohead


Song of the Day


Things to Want: Sportswear Edition

I have a gym clothes/fluorescent fetish, so it wasn't surprising to me when the items above caught my attention. I'd happily wear any of these casually, and I think when mixed correctly, they can even be as versatile and suitable for a night out.

Metallic Playsuit/Silk Runner Shorts/Textured Drawstring Bomber Jacket

All items via Topshop, x


Recent Purchase

The Michael Kors "Toni Pump"
If I had to pick one thing my wardrobe was desperately missing, it would be a classic black pump like this one. Initially, I wanted the buttery leather Prada pumps, but by the time I'd given in to buying them they were completely sold out of every department store (they now only have patent, eck). Here are the Prada's worn by the lovely Elin Kling:

I hadn't found a decent enough replacement until now. Though these Kors might be slightly more on the pointy side, I love them. They are super simple and classic and look good with just about everything! x

Song of the Day + Vogue Paris March 2012


Photos for next months Vogue titled 'Nuit Blanche' (White Night)
Model: Karmen Pedaru by Mario Sorrenti
Song: In Particular - Blonde Redhead


Colour Bug

Bright colour without the commitment. That's right... dip-dyed locks for one night anyone? Click here to visit Kevin Murphy's website for more details.


Lazy Jeanne

Fashion film for Paris based creative agency and fashion brand Surface to Air’s Summer 2012 collection directed by Jérémie Rozan and starring Jeanne Damas


My Favourites Thus Far

3.1 Phillip Lim:

Straight to the point, clean lines; clothes I could see myself wearing/enjoying. I liked the presentation and the smokiness on the catwalk.



If I had to describe the Preen Fall/Winter RTW 2012 collection in one word, it would be fresh. For me personally, I got the vibe of cleanliness not only from the clothes but also just by looking at the photos of the catwalk.

Vera Wang:

I enjoyed the mixtures of textures in the collection. As I looked through it, it kind of felt like a mess of elements were mashed together in a somewhat cohesive fashion.