Yann Legendre of Chicago Illinois-A Blend of Decades

Born in France, 39 year old Chicago based artist Yann Legendre approaches graphic design as what he calls "Design Life" (which is what it should always be about, right?). Being an all around artist, he uses all these forms of outlets for his works: from posters to books, and paintings to furniture, sir Yann is a true creator. He began gaining praise in 1995, and from then on he's just shot up!

A few of my favourite posters:

That wasn't easy... I'd bag any. He also does bedding and cool clock designs for CB2, one of my favourite, and rather cheap and modern furniture stores located on Lincoln Road.

To see more, check out his personal website here!

Jessica Stam for Russh #39

I love it when clothes look like paintings, hence these drape-like dresses and scarves; they really do it for me.
Jessica Stam plays two rolls in this shoot: If it wasn't dreamy and colourful, it was all roughed out and rock n roll.
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Distances by Simon Cave from THE LAST MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

See his personal website here: Simon Cave.


My Addiction

Stuffed Grape Leaves

A close friend of my family, who I just plainly consider as so, introduced me to these bad boys. I tried one and that was it; hooked. Find them at the aisles in whole foods...beware ;)

C'mon and Set it Off

Bambi for 10 Magazine

My sweet Lou

Nothing too serious, now

I'd love to wear this in the rain on my bicycle now that April is approaching... Something about the rain makes me feel very happy and free. This shirt describes everything about the way I feel for humanity. Buy it, wear it, own it, love it, spread the word! People are so sick it's sad.
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Not that I'm a follower of her works, but Kelsey Brookes of RVCA whom I've only just become familiar with a few days ago, posted her lastest works since the New Year onto the official RVCA websites blog, and they more than just caught my eye. In fact, they've been open on my browser for a few days now....so I figured I'd post them here as an ode to...beautiful, interesting, different and of course... inspiring art!

Something about these paintings evoke a certain amount of horror and distress; a manic hysteria. Perhaps it is in the eyes of the animals/creatures she's used? Or maybe it's in the hypnotizing circle of coloured etches that surrounds them. Something tells me it's just about both. Go ahead and check out some more if they striked you too! RVCA
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Wish List

Dream rings by Katrina Kosturko via Etsy

The most perfect vintage trunk (ever?) Too bad it was made to hold an 18 IN doll.

A beautiful bowl

& a clever bowl!