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Collect Call by Metric (Adventure Club Remix)

Happy new year everyone x


Things to Want

Tried this on at Topshop the other day (Silk ¨split hem midi¨ dress by Boutique) and completely fell in love with it. I was so close to buying it until I looked at the price. Totally regret not buying it now though... so much so that I just might have to order it!

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Neil Young - Old Man (The Funk Hunters Remix)

Good Morning



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Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo (Hannes Fischer Remix)

I know I said I was going to have to give my blogging a break but, that simply cannot be. So with that, I´m back. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays x

Simply Chic

Nathalia Oliveira by Stefano Viti for Fashion Gone Rogue


Dear Followers,

I've run into some problems and I may not be back to posting for a little while. I only hope you will be here upon my return. Expect great things to come. I love all of you. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

All the love and all the best,

Lauren x


Just Purchased

Been wanting this bag for quite some time now. Fluorescent coloured satchel from the Camridge Satchel Company.



An early Christmas gift to myself this year. House of Harlow 1960 "willow" sunglasses in mustard.


Things to Want

On my downtime, or practically any chance I get, a good slip-on is what I crave. Toms are great, but espadrilles are even better. These here are limited editions Bassike x Soludos. Not only do they look comfy, but the price isn't bad either. Bag your pair right here! x


Things to Want

This leather crop top by Shakuhachi from Free People.
Reminds me a bit of Lilu from The 5th Element x


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Lana Del Rey- Blue Jeans

Let's Talk Oyster

From what I can tell, no one has really brushed up on this subject but what will soon be me. What I want to talk about here is what used to be my favourite magazine, ever. Oyster magazine was born in Australia in 1994 and deals with the basics; interviews, fashion editorials, beauty etc. I discovered the magazine at a local bookstore in 2007 and knew it was something different. It wasn't the basic kind of editorials, or the basic people you'd interview, or the cliche' beauty tips you'd see in let's say, Marie Claire. Everything about this magazine was edgy and obscure, artsy and at times misunderstood. The magazine was heavy like a book, the pages were large, thick and glossy, and each issue that preceded it seemed to sit upon my hands for what seemed like hours. My first issue (which I collected along with many other magazines I've treasured, including other Oyster's) was Oyster #70, which I couldn't even find a picture of on the internet:
The beauty pages used to look like this, which compiled actual backstage runway makeup looks of the season:

Now in recent issues (this is from Oyster #92's "Beauty News") this is what you get:
Clearly a big difference, right? Not only that, but even some of the recent issues have no beauty pages at all.
Another thing they took away completely were backstage photos and what they used to call "Runway Reports" which looked like this:

If it sounds like I'm bashing what Oyster is now, I am. Nothing can change my viewpoint on this unless it went back to the way it used to be. The magazine has clearly been commercialized by american pop culture. Instead of the weird Australian shampoo advertisements I used to see (and couldn't buy anywhere local), now I see a converse ad or a swatch ad. Instead of reading an interview on what might just be an up and coming designer, I'm reading an interview on Lady Gaga, which I can find in any other damn magazine. The basis of this magazines appeal to me was that it was completely different. I'm not even sure anymore when the change occurred because I went so long without buying a single issue. All I know is, from Oyster #70 and #71 to oyster #91, the size of the magazine has shrunk, the font on the front page has changed, and the quality to me has diminished almost completely. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd love to read your interjection.


Talia Shuvalov: Bilinear Collection

Talia Shuvalov, a now ex-intern of Alexander Wang's has recently debuted her first collection. The collection consists of 6 knitted dresses, all of which are inspired by the idea of dimensions. I love the sci-fi vibe that is present within the collection and how it even emerges in the short film. The film was directed by Cara Strickner and is said to explore "the way in which the garments behave and move on the body in the 3rd dimension, and how they are presented and mediated in the 2nd dimension."

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Au Revoir Simone-Fallen Snow (Teenagers Remix)

Seeing them tonight so I deemed it appropriate.

Things to Want: Sale Edition

From left to right
1. 3.1 Phillip Lim embellished stretch-silk bra, $58
2. Kevia 22-karat gold-plated brass nugget necklace, $40
3. Alexander Wang Ryan-textured leather tote, $326.25
4. Calvin Klein Collection suede flats, $210

All items via TheOutnet!

Cushnie et Ochs S/S 12 Campaign



Shoes: Franco Sarto

A favourite pair of shoes I own are these Franco Sarto's. I've had them since I was seventeen and I don't plan to part with them any time soon. They've always reminded me of pilgrims, the 1960s, and my great grandmother.


Aspen Forest

My favourite white tee paired with my favourite faux leather shorts x

Oh Land: Nordic Fantasia

via Nowness.com, interview here.

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From the Beginning - Emerson Lake and Palmer

10 Magazine Winter 2011

My sincerest apologies for the lack of updates. One of my least favourite things is not having enough time for posts. My reasons? Well, it's Art Basel of course, and fall semester is coming to a close... meaning lots and lots of papers and projects and studying to do. But I'm here now with undivided attention to bring you goodness. Merry December x

Wang Xiao by Christian Anwander