The King Of Limbs

I love when Radiohead surprises their fans with an earlier release date! I woke up yesterday morning finding news all over twitter about The King Of Limbs, Radioheads brand new album! This was all news to me. I had no idea they were planning to release anything, so waking up to the news of them having released the album a day early was simply thrilling to me. I went straight to The King Of Limbs website to make my purchase and listened to the album straight away on my WESC headphones for the ultimate listening experience I could personally get. The album does not fail to disappoint me...nor their signature Radiohead sound. The only thing that is of any concern to me is that I haven't yet found that one song that really sticks out from the others... don't get me wrong, they are all amazing, I mean c'mon, this is Radiohead, they can't go wrong! But a single like "House of Cards" is a very memorable one, it really sticks out and speaks out... and I just haven't found that yet in "Lotus Flower" or in any of the songs for that matter. It sounds more like a collaboration of songs they've put to the side (AMAZING songs) and threw into one album for us. I dont' really see it as an album yet, either. But then again, I am always a harsh listener when an album first debuts. It takes awhile for my ears to warm up and really appreciate the songs and sounds, but that really isn't the case here. I find The King Of Limbs is all I've been listening to the past two days, but it still seems like there's something missing. Anywho, here's the album cover:

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