Things to Want: Collage

(From left to right)
1. Harness Pleated Dress (not a fan of pleats at all, but I am a fan of the harness as a part of the dress idea).
2. Ice Blue Angora Cardigan because it looks like a comfy grandma sweater I could wear all day.
3. Metal Toe Cap Boots by SHAKUHACHI - been wanting metal tip shoes for awhile, but probably mostly since Elin Kling's metal tip shoes from her collection NOWHERE.
4. Cheetah Pony Hair Backpack by Jeffrey Campbell - I'm not even a fan of Campbell anymore. I understand his concept of making modern shoes affordable, but when everything of his becomes a blatant knockoff in bad taste and quality, it becomes very much less than a desirable thing. BUT I do like this cute little backpack.
5. Laser Cutout Trapeze Dress - I pretty much love everything about this dress. When I clicked on it I thought it was made of cotton, but to my lovely surprise, suede. Doesn't that make it even better? Yes, it certainly does.

ALL items via PIXIE MARKET. x

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