CURRENT/ELLIOTT: The Boyfriend Short

Are they as comfortable as they seem? Yes. Not only are they comfy, but they are also mint green. And yeah, I know we've been seeing coloured jeans & shorts splashed amongst just about every girl's legs on this side of the hemisphere this year, but it wasn't until now that I'd finally given in - Not to mention I used to have every colour jean the rainbow could offer circa 2007. But that's besides the point, I'd quite frankly had enough of colours after that phase. But I suppose as these things come and go, there's always one that fits the bill, and what better than from CURRENT/ELLIOTT? I mean really, this fashion duo can do no wrong to denim, and this has been made seriously clear since I now have a soft spot for coloured denim all over again (well, there take on it at least). Like these shorts? You can buy them HERE. Like CURRENT/ELLIOTT (as much as I do?), check out their website HERE.

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