Liberty London x Dr. Martens

"The ‘Liberty London for Dr. Martens Floral Prints’ collaboration brings together two beloved British institutions.
Both brands stand for equality and craft, but at the heart of this collaboration is an engaging discord. Liberty London
brings to mind nature, and a refined intricacy, at odds with the tough and rebellious ethos of Dr. Marten.
This collaboration offers two main floral prints. First, the romantically named ‘Strawberry Thief,’ originally created
by the world famous textile designer named William Morris in 1883, which has become one of the most coveted and iconic Liberty archive prints. The second print is the ‘Martens Flower’, which is a modern take on the Carlino design
originally created by the Silver Studio for Liberty in 1930. The design team at Dr. Martens have created a contemporary
twist on both of these iconic designs by incorporating the smooth leather colors found on the brand’s traditional boots and shoes."

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