Girl of the Year?

If most of you couldn't help but notice the sudden rise of Kate Upton, I couldn't either. I also can't help but dub her as a modern-day Marilyn Monroe. Not because of her weight or even this cover shoot, because who the hell knows where Vogue Italia really wanted to take this. It's simply a thought that's come to mind and has had trouble leaving. For all I know I could be alone in this thought, but I don't think that would change my mind. I didn't even like her as a model at first. I thought, keep her in swimsuit where she belongs, but she just kept popping up in fashion editorials and covers. Once that happens, the mind is almost begging for you to accept it for what it is, and I think just now it has because I no longer mind it. Why shouldn't I?

See the editorial in full HERE.

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