Balenciaga RTW Fall/Winter 2013


Eric Wilson (New York Times) Reports On Reactions To The Show:

But by the time the show had ended, many people said their perceptions of Mr. Wang and his abilities as a designer had changed. It was no small triumph for him that the immediate reactions were not only positive about the designs, described as restrained and respectful to the heritage of Balenciaga, but also his handling of the pressure of replacing the popular designer Nicolas Ghesquière, who announced his departure last fall.
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Anna Wintour:
I am very proud. It was such a restrained show. I thought everything was wearable, with obviously lots of bows to Balenciaga himself. I thought it was a very smart way to start, bu not giving too many fireworks.

Daniela Agnelli / Fashion Director of London’s Telegraph Magazine:
If I had closed my eyes, I would not have known it was Alexander Wang designing. There was a lot of pressure for him. I was expecting to see something more sporty, in his kind of style. I was surprised to see such an amazing elegance and such a chic collection.

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