It's funny because Tim Blanks has blatantly blurted out so many thoughts I've had in my own head about fashion blogging for a long time now. In essence, it's almost all the same thing and in hindsight there are billions, perhaps zillions of fashion blogs out there geared towards the same people. It's almost always recycled material from other websites, and if it isn't, you're out there just like thousands of other photographers taking a bunch of photographs of the same people wearing the same things and practically delivering identical material. Like Tim Blanks, I too feel embarrassed for these people who put themselves out there in front of these street style photographers, and I pity those who are a part of the fashion industry that have little to no choice. Not that this is the core of the issue here, but back to the basics of blogging and what it seemingly so long ago used to be, how are you supposed to bring something fresh and original to the table, and how are you supposed to build an audience if it's already so spread out and in your face as it is? I suppose taking several different approaches can make your blog more original, if only it was so simple. I inadvertently discontinued blogging for a few months because of how uninspired I was by the simple thought of what fashion truly meant to me, and what it began to turn into over the past few years. Sometimes I still find it difficult to be inspired, but what I've found more approachable and even more motivating is personalizing my material as much as possible so as to not be a recycling bin of sorts, not just for my own personal integrity, but for my viewers as well. It's just so interesting to read and know that there are people out there feeling the same way about this. So then what happens next? What will become of fashion over the next decade? Will it merely continue to grow and expand, or will it explode to the point that it deters photographers from street style photography and fashion blogging altogether? At some point or another things do change and even sometimes collapse. I guess this is more of a food-for-thought kind of a thing, but it's fun as well as interesting to consider what could or may happen within the coming years of the ever-growing fashion industry. X

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