Tom Dixon: Scented Candles

Tom Dixon Scented Candles; London, Royalty, Orientalist

Who is Tom Dixon? He seems to me to be a multi-faceted industrial designer who not only makes insanely cool light fixtures, but also amazing smells. Smells, you ask? Yes, smells in beautifully crafted candles. I came across them for the first time over the weekend at The Alchemist, and it was really difficult for me to leave the store without one, but I did. Not only are the way these candles encased intriguingly beautiful, but the scents themselves are each decadent in their own way. My personal favourite of the three is called LONDON, which my mother and I described as a "cool" smell. How can something smell "cool"? I didn't think it was possible until Dixon achieved it and plopped it into this copper vessel. His website describes it as: the smell of red brick, London parks with crocuses and nettles and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham.

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