Ringing in the New Year

With a new Macbook AIR. Feels so good to use an enter key again! And impossibly refreshing... it surprises me every time. I want to make a quick post about the good times and the bad times that 2010 gave to me. SO much has happened, but I can probably say the same thing about each and every year that keeps passing me by, each seemingly faster than the last. I just want to give thanks to the people that I love (even though they will probably never read this except for one special person), for being there for me when I've needed them, and for forgiving me for my many faults. THANK YOU. I love you guys so much and I'm excited about this new year that's shedding its light upon us so SOON.
Damn these speakers are fresh...

Say hello to the impossibly light, thin as air macbook. So happy I can start the new year on a seriously fresh note. I've decided to download music freshly and everything.
Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2011!

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