False Alarm

I start classes on Wednesday, not today, Wednesday. So my being up right now is completely pointless and, yes, once again, saddening! Anyways, after a back and forth debate in my head I've decided to go brunette again. BUT this time around I want to do it the *right* way, meaning deep conditioning all week; hair masks and the whole nine to really prep my thirsty tresses. Then, I'm going to go into my hair guru, the professional herself, and have her do it for me. We'll probably start it off with a temporary wash, see how I feel about it, even though I'm sure I'll love it regardless. I really miss the accompanying feeling of having dark locks. I had a feeling of more respect, mystery, and "it's ok for you to be so serious" thing going on. The worst part of all this prepping is the waiting. When it comes to doing something to my hair, which is more than likely an always drastic transition for me, I HATE waiting. I like instant gratification... and knowing that I have the box dye beneath my sink is nottttt okay. *patience is a virtue* Let's see if I can control myself. xx

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